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Bentleys Wealth Advisors is a wealth advisory business supported by one of Australia's leading tax, accounting and advisory firms, Bentleys. You can now work with your accountant and your strategic financial advisor to "think ahead" for your future. All your needs can be met quickly, effectively and with the utmost care.

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Bentleys Wealth Advisors- Smarter Solutions

Managing Change

Change can be frightening - Superannuation and retirement legislation, finance and investment markets, and even technology. You need a new approach and expert advice...

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Smarter Solutions

We look beyond your balance sheet to reveal what financial success will look like for you. Helping you to achieve your goals at every stage of your financial life is how we measure our success...

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Why Choose Us?
Our team of financial advisors and accountants are here to help you meet your goals in a manner that is efficient, holistic and tailored to meet your requirements.

Why Choose us?

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

You can trust our team of financial advisors and accountants to help you meet your goals in a manner that is efficient, holistic and tailored to meet your requirements. We will:

1. Make it easier for you to achieve all your personal financial goals,
2. Simplify your finances so you are in control, and can stay in control,
3. Help you make smart financial decisions
4. Provide you with understandable, reliable, valuable and timely communications and reporting
5. Offer you the best customer service and integrated solutions to meet all your financial needs

If you are looking for a financial advisory business that specialises in "thinking ahead",
then we look forward to working with you.

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Bentleys Wealth Advisors:
Professional experts

All of our professionals have full industry accreditation, an impeccable track record and are subject to regular quality reviews. With Bentleys Wealth Advisors you can be assured of expert, timely and accurate advice.


Laurence Poulter

Strategic Wealth Advisor


Tony Dimitrovski

Senior Wealth Advisor


Nigel Banks



Bruce Grieve

Senior Wealth Advisor

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You can be flexible with Bentleys Wealth Advisors.
Our expertise provides you with the choice of stand-alone financial, accounting and taxation services, or a full bespoke package,
to meet all of your financial management needs.

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