Bentleys Wealth Advisors service offering

We have a number of on-going service offerings, designed to meet your individual needs, and including:

  • Regular strategy review meetings and discussion on superannuation contributions, investment strategies, business income, structure and other financial planning considerations;
  • Annual taxation and superannuation strategy reviews including liaising with your accountants regarding any tax related matters on your behalf;
  • Access to investment opportunities within Bentleys Wealth Advisors;
  • Consultation with your solicitor regarding any legal matters on your behalf;
  • Completion of all investment related applications and other forms for you; and
  • Invitations to investment briefings and other briefings through Bentleys Wealth Advisors as a premium client of the firm.

We will agree with you the cost of providing initial advice and ongoing costs will be discussed when we understand what your requirements are during the meeting.



With increasing legislative requirements and the Australian Taxation Office's ability to impose severe penalties, it is now more important than ever to ensure compliance with the law governing superannuation. Our industry leading experts offer advice and support on the following:

  • Technical advice strategies
  • New fund establishment and deed updates
  • Trustee Incorporations
  • Working with clients wanting to borrow and acquire property
  • SMSF compliance and strategic consulting advice
  • SMSF audits
  • Actuarial certificates – including online service
  • Provision of pension establishment
  • Commutation documentation


We offer a range of insurances to protect you, your family and your business. We all like to think, or hope, that accidents and illness won’t happen to us. But we all know accidents and illness can happen to anyone – no matter how cautious. When they do, the last thing you want to do is worry about paying the bills. There are many types of insurance – some are stand-alone policies and others can be add-ons to existing policies or superannuation. Our specialist advisors can tailor insurance to meet your needs. We can offer advice and policies for:

  • Risk management
  • Life insurance
  • Income protection
  • Business expenses protection
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Total & Permanent disability


Whatever your income or circumstances, Bentleys Wealth Advisors works with you to ensure your investments and retirement planning strategies benefit you and are tailored to meet your life’s changing needs or goals. Our comprehensive wealth planning services include:

  • Strategic Investment advice
  • Managed discretionary accounts
  • Pre and post retirement planning
  • Advanced SMSF advice and implementation
  • Debt reduction and recycling strategies
  • Business succession planning
  • Purchasing property through SMSF using borrowed funds
  • Tax effective investment advice
  • Centre link and aged pension advice
  • Portfolio administration services
  • Incidental advice

Superannuation Tax Services

As a comprehensive provider of SMSF services, Bentleys Wealth Advisors offers in-depth experience and specialist accounting expertise to meet your tax and regulatory requirements. Our services include:

  • Accounting administration and annual compliance for SMSF’s
  • Tax lodgement and advice for SMSF’s
  • Financial statements prepared in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards
  • Schedule of Investment
  • Trustee minutes and declaration
  • Member statements, independent audits

We also offer a comprehensive fund administration service to trustees of SMSF’s who want more than a compliance service including:

  • Fund Postal address
  • Maintaining and managing all funds, cash flow and payments
  • Preparing quarterly BAS/IAS
  • Attending to benefit documentation

Aged Care Advice

Our aged care advisors are independent from government and aged care facilities. They understand your concerns and have significant experience in working with people entering care and their families to provide smarter aged care solutions. We can advise you on the following:

  • What you can afford
  • How you can retain your family home
  • Generating sufficient income/cash flow to cover ongoing care fees
  • The preservation of capital to pass to the next generation
  • The structuring of transactions whereby family members wish to contribute to care costs.

More than just advice, we can also:

  • Lodge Centrelink / DVA Request for a Combined Asset and Income Assessment forms
  • Check means-tested fee assessment letter to ensure they are correct
  • Review aged care agreements
  • Liaise with aged care providers on your behalf

Finance & Lending

Bentleys Wealth Advisors Lending Services offers a full scale finance brokering business to help you make an informed choice about your personal or business lending needs and to secure the best finance options.

We offer an extensive range of lending products from Australia’s leading banks and non-bank financial institutions. We take the time to understand your goals, and most importantly act for you – not the banks or finance companies.

  • Residential and investment mortgages including refinancing and debt consolidation
  • Motor vehicle, plant and equipment finance
  • Superannuation fund borrowing to buy property
  • Commercial property and business loans
  • Construction and property development loans

The Bentleys Wealth Advisors advice model
– Getting the most from your money

We believe active monitoring of asset selection is crucial to producing solid returns. Our four stage advice model helps you through our financial and investment advice process to ensure you have all the information you need to get the most from your money and to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals. We follow a disciplined process that covers the services below.

STEP 1 - Investment Structures

We help you understand the pros and cons of each investment structure and the flexibility, accessibility, tax implications and short or long term implications of investing .

Key considerations include:

  • Which legal or tax environment will provide you with the optimum return
  • Should you invest in your name or your partners' name or, in a company, trust or other entity?
  • Invest inside or outside your superannuation and the advantages of super or non-superannuation investments
  • How long should you invest and what structure is appropriate now and in the future?
  • The structure of returns (income v capital), taxation, gearing and duration of the investment.

STEP 2 - Strategic Asset Allocation to Minimise Risk

Given the economic uncertainty, knowing where to allocate your assets is more important than ever. But you also need to be clear about your tolerance for risk and your investment needs both short and long term. Our expert team works with you to help you understand the implications of your investment decisions.

Key considerations include:

  • Your objectives
  • The investment weighting across different asset classes - cash, Australian and Inteational equities, property, fixed interest and bonds – what works best for you?
  • Your risk tolerance – high versus low risk / return options
  • How to structure your returns – income versus capital and the taxation implications
  • Your investment duration
  • Your current stage of the investment / business cycle.

STEP 3 - Tactical Investment Selection

Knowing what investments to purchase relies on our in-depth understanding of the market and continuous benchmarking of your portfolio’s performance – as well as an understanding of the different fund management approaches and your taxation and gearing options. This is the active and interactive process of actually choosing, purchasing and adjusting the investments over time.

The issues we regularly consider include:

  • Our investment committees views on the economy, asset classes and risk
  • Direct shares versus managed funds
  • Listed or unlisted securities
  • Research ratings and historic performance relative to benchmark
  • Fund manager investments style and process
  • Taxation and gearing levels.

STEP 4 - Regular Portfolio Reviews

The importance of regular reviews to the portfolio should never be ignored. Our frequent and disciplined monitoring of your investment portfolios is directed at enhancing returns and identifying potential problems before they emerge.

We focus on:

  • Changes in the economy and impacts of legislation on asset allocation and your investment portfolio.
  • The appropriateness of current strategies in light of alternative investment options based on market trends and shifts in the financial planning arena

The regular and disciplined monitoring of the investment portfolio is aimed at enhancing returns and identifying potential problems before they emerge.


When you choose Bentleys Wealth Advisors, you not only have a dedicated advisor but access to a full team of specialists who work together to turn your financial and lifestyle goals into reality.

We are uniquely placed to deliver a full suite of business and financial advisory services, tailored to meet your individual needs.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Flexible service packages which give you the flexibility of standalone financial, legal and lending services or fully-tailored packages to meet all your financial needs;
  • The ease and convenience of working with a single organisation to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals – and the ability to save time and money by coordinating these services across our business and financial advisory services;
  • The right expertise and depth of experience, knowledge and resources that very few companies in Australia can offer;
  • A proven track record in providing complete, intelligent solutions that drive the right financial outcomes for our clients;
  • Specialist advice and consultancy services from a team of experts who tailor financial solutions to suit every stage of your life;
  • A holistic approach with access to broader products and services to explore, maximise and better manage your financial wellbeing;
  • People whose financial, business, technical and legal expertise is second to none and whose experience and knowledge delivers on our promise – complete, intelligent solutions every time.